Golf Tournament

Golf Tournament
Friday, June 11th, 2010
11AM Registration
Noon ShotGun Start

Please help take a swing at SMA-1 for the children who can't

All proceeds go directly to the children with SMA-1. We help provide items not covered by insurance. Some of these items are portable DVD players, movies, wagons, beds, pillows, blankets, toys, computers, and alike.
These items are vital to their comfort, joy and pleasure throughout their short life expectancy.

What is SMA-1

SMA-1 is the number one killer in children under the age of one. It is a genetic disease that attacks the voluntary nervous system, leaving the infant paralyzed from the nose down.
Ninety-five percent of all children born with SMA-1 never see their first birthday. Of the five percent that make it to their first birthday, 99.9 percent never reach the age of two.

Golf Tournament is limited to 36 four member teams.

For Directions

Southern Hills Golf Course


  • 18 Holes of golf with a golf cart
  • Dinner Following the tournament
  • Proximity awards
  • Prize raffle following dinner
  • And more...


Burgers, Brats, Pasta Salad, Chips and a Cookie


  • $25 Dinner Only
  • $100 Golf & Dinner
  • $1,000 Bronze Sponsorship
  • $2,000 Silver Sponsorship
  • $5,000 Gold Sponsorship


8 Golfers & Dinners & 80 Raffle Tickets Hole Sponsorship with Sign and Cards


16 Golfers & Dinners & 160 Raffle Tickets Hole Sponsorship with Table and Products


36 Golders & Dinners & 720 Raffle Tickets Hole Sponsorship with Table and Products Website Link and Advertising with BRF for one year in all events and functions

Dark Raven Studios Martial Arts Demonstration

Martial Arts Demonstration

Demo 1 : Chen Taiji Kids “stances and forms” Demo
Demo 2 : Chen Taiji Kids Pole Techniques and Pole Form
Demo 1 : Chen Taiji Silk Reeling
Demo 2 : Chen Taiji 21 short form
Demo 3 : Chen Taiji Compact Cannon Fist
Demo 4 : Chen Taiji solo Jose’ Cannon Fist (old frame)
Followed By:

Description: This workshop will consist of learning the fundamental of tai chi through a series of games. Each of these games are cooperative in nature, leading to the true essence of taiji to become one with your partner. In this case having a blast along the way. The workshop will also demonstrate how to adapt the games to everyone's ability. The focus of the workshop will be to give the participants a taste of what is possible with a little imagination and creativity through the use of taiji principles. But most importantly bring your sense of humor and be ready to have a good time!! The workshop as taught by Shih – fu Jose Figueroa, will serve as a stepping-stone towards the progressive development of the Chen style Taijiquan. This goal will be accomplished by giving a detailed brake down of all aspects of the Chen style Taijiquan through games.